This time 2 years ago, if you’d asked me what a coach did, I would say ‘he (unconscious bias, assuming a man) works with top level executives in large corporates to help them be better leaders and get higher up the career ladder’.

Well I’m very happy to say that working with a coach is for everyone and not my misguided belief that it was for the c-suite people of the corporate world.

I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with a coach nearly two years ago and it was beyond doubt, one of the biggest pivotal moments of my life.

You see I was stuck, bored, unfulfilled and my confidence was on the floor after 20 years in the same organisation. I knew I could do so much more but my low self-belief held me back and stopped me from realizing I had choices and I could have a different future.

I suppose the final ‘nail on the coffin’ was the realization that another 20 years could go by and all I had to show for my working life was a big huge feeling of regret and disappointment in myself.  Knowing that I could have done something but didn’t even try.

My coach helped me see I had big self-limiting beliefs but even bigger potential.  I would never have realised that on my own.  He was:

‘my accountability buddy’

‘my what’s the point of going to him if I wasn’t going to work to get results buddy’

‘my golden opportunity to really make a change for a better future buddy’.

My coach had a way of asking me questions that allowed me to go deeper into my thought process and this then allowed me to answer my own questions.  There-in lies the best explanation of what a coach does, he was my ‘thinking partner’.

If someone had said to me 2 years ago, “you are going to be a career & confidence coach”, I can’t even find the words to explain how laughable and unbelievable that would have sounded to me.

I still stop and think, how did I get here? Who even are you? This is mad. But the answer is simple, it was that one decision I made, that one small action to engage with a coach.

I remember so clearly thinking after my first session, ‘everyone needs a coach’!

The illustration below shows how working with a coach can help you.

We only have one life and through that life we will spend money on unnecessary clothes, shoes, other material objects.  Why is it we hesitate when it comes to investing in ourselves towards living a fulfilling, joyful and passion filled life?

What you do with your remaining years on this earth is up to you and coaches can help you live it to the full. Doesn’t it sound like the most amazing job, helping people life their best life!!