Here is me – age 5.  I can get away with saying I was cute, right?

This is a pic I keep in whatever journal I’m using. I slip it in and it’s always just… there.


Whenever I’m hard on myself, worrying about something or even just in a state of flow and this pic falls out, I hold it up and look at her.

It always, always, always gives me pause to smile and soothe me.

The way I speak to “little Nicola” is always kind and gentle. I love her with her pigtails and big brown bows.  I didn’t crop out the 1970’s interiors just for an added bit of nostalgia for you all.

Little Nicola has come a long way. And when I have a wobble, I remind myself that I’m able to handle absolutely anything.

Just like you. 

Why not try this, too? Find a childhood picture of yourself from a photo album somewhere. Look at it for a while.

And just see for a few seconds what your heart does.

Keep it somewhere where you can easily access it to give you the boost of self-compassion and self-belief you need.

You can even take it one step further and have a chat with your little self.  Tell her how amazing you have turned out and that you are not done yet!