A job:

  • is a means of earning a living
  • is something you do to pay the bills
  • is likely not going to give you a strong sense of purpose or fulfilment.

Being in a job can feel uninspired or unengaged. It may be something that you don’t look forward to doing, something that you do just for the money.


  • you build over time
  • is a path you choose to follow
  • often requires a certain level of education, training and experience.
  • offers more growth and development opportunities
  • may align with your interests and passions
  • may give you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Being in a career can feel rewarding, but it still may not be a true calling, and you may feel like something is missing.


  • is something that comes from within.
  • gives a deep sense of purpose, fulfilment and joy
  • aligns with your values and passions
  • is something that you would do even if you weren’t getting paid for it
  • something that you feel compelled to do, and it can bring immense satisfaction and joy.

I’m right smack, bang in the middle of the most wonderful calling. Something I didn’t know I was missing, I needed or that was for me and I found it in my forties. Before then I had a ‘meh’ career and had settled into it without questioning that there was more in me to give and achieve.

Most of my clients come to me because they have ‘meh’ careers, searching for something to fill the fulfilment hole and wanting to feel passionate and joyful in their work.

Where are you right now; in a job, a career or in your calling?

If any of this email sparks something in you, why not contact me and we can chat through where you are and how you can get to your calling.