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What if you could walk into your next interview feeling so confident that you actually enjoy the process and get offered the job? The Confidence for Interviews programme is perfect for anyone wanting to overcome their interview nerves and come across more confidently.

What you’ll get:

4 x videos 

1 x pdf workbook with notes on the key points from the videos

Buy here: I’m ready to give my best interview! 


No more disastrous interviews where you:

  • Have undersold your achievements
  • Have missed a golden opportunity to show how remarkable you are
  • Have prepared so hard and let yourself down on the day due to nerves
  • Have frozen and your mind has gone blank
  • Have stuttered and said things that don’t make sense
  • Have a deep sense of regret for not doing yourself justice
  • Have cried from embarrassment afterwards
  • Have waffled and didn’t know when to stop or you said too little
  • Are so nervous and you want the job so badly that you lose all track of who you are and why you deserve the job
  • Don’t know what’s different about you than any other candidate out there.

This is for you if:

  • You want to make a great, strong impression at an interview
  • You want to be more relaxed and calm in interviews
  • You have your eyes set on a permanent role or you’re interested in stepping up to the management level
  • You want to self-promote effectively and do yourself proud
  • Have not been through an interview process for some time and don’t know how to ‘sell’ yourself effectively
  • Have had a number of interviews, but haven’t achieved the success you had hoped
  • Never want to crumble at interviews again

You’re not alone when it comes to dreading interviews. Underneath the smart interview suits – most people actually feel nervous and stressed – it’s just that some  have better strategies for success.

I will give you the tools and help you master techniques to overcome interview anxieties, develop confidence and articulate your strengths to land that job you really want.

You have been invited to the interview along with other equally competent candidates – YOUR CONFIDENCE IS NOW YOUR GREATEST WEAPON!

What my clients say:

”I had my interview yesterday and I was delighted with how it went.

I felt confident and positive and really invigorated by the end of it. There is no way I would have felt like that without your help.

I told you that all I wanted to do was do myself justice and I know that I have done that. I left them in no doubt about my abilities, my experience and my desire to do the job. Even if I don’t get the job, I feel this has been a real turning point for me in terms of confidence and realising my own strengths and ability and looking at myself in a positive light.

I want to thank you again for everything you have done to help me.”

Paul, Journalist

“After a ‘Confidence for Interviews Power Hour’ with Nicola I embraced the opportunity to sell myself at my interview in a whole new light. I felt ready to showcase myself, my skills and experience and my enthusiasm for the job. Nicola provided tips and techniques and some excellent song choices to help get me in the zone. I would definitely recommend working with Nicola to prepare for interview, to boost your confidence and to optimise your chances of success.”

Yvonne, Deputy Principle, Northern Ireland Civil Service

Why I’m confident that I can help you

I know what it feels like to fall apart when it comes to talking about yourself.

I spent over 20 years in a public sector organisation, doing numerous competency based interviews.  More often than not for the job I was actually doing but had to interview to make it permanent.

Each time it was the same result. I would put so much work into the answer prep, making sure I had an answer for each competency.  In the days leading up to and the morning of the interview I was a bag of nerves and my stomach was in bits.  I’d walk in heart pounding, palms sweating, voice quivering and literally crumble before the panel’s eyes.  I even get emotional thinking back to those times because I was so capable and had put so much work into getting to that stage.

Of course I never got the job because I didn’t know there were things I could actually do to help my nerves and build my own self-belief and confidence.

Now, having done years of self-development work, became an accredited coach  and helped so many land their dream job, I just love an opportunity to self-promote (no it’s not bragging if it’s based on facts).

If you’re not convincing and if you don’t believe in yourself this will be obvious in an interview situation, therefore you need to change your approach.  The results you get correlate with what you think about yourself. If you think you can’t do it, then you won’t succeed. If you think you are useless at interviews, then you will find them a very difficult process. So, it’s important to change the narrative. 

My most successful clients get this. When they work on their mind-set they give themselves credit for what they have achieved so far in life. They change what’s not working for them and they become hopeful and positive about their chance of success. It’s so exciting to see them change from old tired beliefs about themselves and the process of applying for jobs.

Let me help you get excited too.


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