One to One Coaching

As a fully-certified Coach, I can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. I facilitate self-growth by helping you identify your ambitions and the core challenges in your life holding you back from all you deserve, giving you the tools to move forward bit by bit. I provide a space for you to go internal, get to know yourself again, your values, wants/don’t wants, limiting beliefs and keep you accountable in taking positive, forward action that get’s you unstuck.

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What my clients say:

“Nicola saw my best potential when I could not. Due to her faith in my abilities I have moved countries for a dream job and I am the most fulfilled I have ever been. This change would not have happened without her.”

Courtney, Senior Communications Manager

Confidence for Interviews Power Hour

Do you have an interview coming up that fills you with dread, fear and nerves? Do you know that you are highly competent to do this role, yet you believe you could crumble under the pressure of the interview and not do yourself justice? This service is your injection of confidence.

In this 90 min session we will discuss what’s holding you back. I will go through techniques you can work on that will have you bursting with excitement to get out there and show the world all that you have and can achieve.

This is how it works:

  1. I will set you a pre-session exercise to get you working straight away on your confidence.

  2. We’ll meet on Zoom (or in person if local) for our 90 minute 1:1 session. I’ll make a recording so you can focus on our conversation instead of worrying about taking notes.

  3. Follow Up – You’ll be sent a link to the recording, and you can contact me up to 2 weeks later with any questions or help with what we discussed.

What my clients say:

”I had my interview yesterday and I was delighted with how it went.

I felt confident and positive and really invigorated by the end of it. There is no way I would have felt like that without your help.

I told you that all I wanted to do was do myself justice and I know that I have done that. I left them in no doubt about my abilities, my experience and my desire to do the job. Even if I don’t get the job, I feel this has been a real turning point for me in terms of confidence and realising my own strengths and ability and looking at myself in a positive light.

I want to thank you again for everything you have done to help me.”

Paul, Journalist
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Leadership Development

Career Growth‘, ‘Challenging & Impactful Work’, and ‘Developing & Learning New Skills’ are the top motivators in retaining your key talent and indeed attracting talent. Supporting employees to expand their skills isn’t something to avoid out of fear of losing people. It’s a business imperative.

That’s where I can help both your goals and your people’s goals.

I empower your employees with career development tools and leadership skills, making both them and your organization agile in today’s rapidly changing work environment.

Through my fun and interactive learning approach, I help organizations and individuals with core leadership skills such as:

  • Public Speaking/Presentation Skills

  • Communication Skills

  • Building High Performance Teams

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Interviewer Skills

  • Mentoring

  • Delegation Skills

  • Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Executive Presence/Personal Branding

  • Assertiveness & Confidence Building

  • Resilience & Self-Compassion

In addition, I can support you in building a more diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training services:

  • Introduction to Cultural Awareness and ED&I

  • Unconscious Bias

  • Inclusive Recruitment

  • Privilege & Allyship

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What my clients say:

“Nicola is a fantastic facilitator and trainer whose warmth and down to earth manner immediately brought a widely diverse group of people together to interact with each other from the get go. The format was engaging, structured and fun, and was a fantastic way of learning from each other and also building a network of like-minded people. Definitely one of the best trainings I have been on!”

Senior Manager, Bank of Ireland, Markets & Treasury Dublin
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“Nicola conducted a self-belief and confidence session for our Women in Construction group. The incredible participation from the attendees and the engagement in the session was fantastic and that was as a result of Nicola’s wonderful presence. Her enthusiasm and energy was contagious and she truly uplifted and empowered us all. I would highly recommend Nicola and hope she will come back to share more of her knowledge with us again soon.”

Aine McGuinness, Senior Associate, DWF

Executive Coaching

Are you frustrated when you recognise individuals within your organisation with real talent but they
lack the self-belief to take action and achieve greater career success?

I have particular expertise in working with females and under-represented groups who have the ability to achieve so much more yet their low confidence levels hold them back from taking action.

I deliver both bespoke and my own career development programmes to corporate groups, drawing upon my knowledge in the areas of:

  • growing self-belief and confidence

  • motivation, resilience and self-compassion

  • tackling imposter syndrome

  • self-promotion

  • defining values, boundaries and strengths

  • societal norms and conditioning

  • executive presence

I am also part of a number of collaborative programmes with other coaches that cover:

  • Health, nutrition and sleep

  • Image and style for your Personal Brand

  • Confidence for your Personal Brand

  • Gender Equality and Unconscious Bias

  • Allyship

  • Amplifying Women’s Voices

  • Influencing & Negotiating

  • Emotional Intelligence & Empathetic Leadership

My skillset and experience will guide and inspire your key people to achieve more of their personal and professional goals and in turn result in your business growth.

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What my clients say:

“Nicola’s down to earth but charming personality was the perfect fit for Greiner Packaging when it came to engaging with our people. She developed and led a range of different workshops to help us on our diversity journey. Nicola also has a unique ability to bring everyone into the conversations and challenge in the right way those who are possibly sceptical about what is required from colleagues in order to have a fair and equitable workplace. The range of workshops that Nicola can offer and her experience in this field is fantastic.”

Kyla McCracken, People & Culture Leader, Greiner Packaging

“As a newly merged team at NFU Mutual Armagh & Markethill, Nicola’s confidence workshops have provided ‘space’ for the team to acknowledge and celebrate their personal successes whilst creating a culture of self-promotion. We have all learned to take control, take positive action in spite of fear and build new habits in our personal and professional lives. The sessions have been invaluable and challenged us all to take a leap of faith. I would highly recommend leaving the comfort zone behind and investing in Nicola’s wealth of experience, you will not be disappointed!”

Gail Toal, People & Culture Manager, NFU Mutual

Organisations I’ve worked with include:

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Book your 15 minute complimentary call.

Let’s have a chat about where you are and how I can help you.

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