One to One Coaching

As a fully-certified Coach, I can help you achieve your personal and professional goals. I facilitate self-growth by helping you identify your ambitions and the core challenges in your life holding you back from all you deserve, giving you the tools to move forward bit by bit. I provide a space for you to go internal, get to know yourself again, your values, wants/don’t wants, limiting beliefs and keep you accountable in taking positive, forward action that get’s you unstuck.

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What my clients say:

This is my first time working with a life coach and my main reason for contacting Nicola was to get back on track with my career having lost my way in this area of my life after starting a family. Nicola has been amazing at helping me hone in on my desires, strengths and goals. Nicola is very friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging. I come away from our meetings with energy and determination to keep aiming for the end goal. Nicola provides clarity on what it is I need to do to move forward and since working with Nicola my confidence and self-belief has increased so much”

Rachel Somerville, Office Manager

Confidence for Interviews Power Hour

Confidence for Interviews Power Hour

Is there one particular area of your confidence or self-belief that is continually holding you back?

Do you need an injection of confidence for an interview or public speaking engagement?

In this hour we will go discuss what’s holding you back.  I will then go through techniques you can work on that will have you bursting with excitement to get out there and show the world all that you have and can achieve.

This is how it works:

  1. 1:1 Call – Get my undivided attention for 60 minutes. We’ll meet on Zoom. I’ll make a recording so you can focus on our conversation instead of worrying about taking notes.

  2. Follow Up – You’ll be sent a workbook with exercises to keep you working on your confidence and a link to the recording.

  3. 14 Day Availability – You can contact me up to 2 weeks later with any questions or help with what we discussed.

What my clients say:

”I had my interview yesterday and I was delighted with how it went.

I felt confident and positive and really invigorated by the end of it. There is no way I would have felt like that without your help.

I told you that all I wanted to do was do myself justice and I know that I have done that. I left them in no doubt about my abilities, my experience and my desire to do the job. Even if I don’t get the job, I feel this has been a real turning point for me in terms of confidence and realising my own strengths and ability and looking at myself in a positive light.

I want to thank you again for everything you have done to help me.”

Paul, Journalist
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Group Coaching

‘How to Get More Confident’

The ‘How to Get More Confident’ mini group coaching programme is designed to have you taking action and impacting your confidence and self-belief right from the start.

This 5-week group coaching programme consists of my support for the duration and 3 group coaching sessions, held online, as well as prep work between sessions.

This Group Coaching Programme is for you if you:

  • Want to boost your self-belief and confidence
  • Are bored/fed up/unfulfilled doing the same thing

  • Know you are capable of more but have lost the confidence to do anything about it

  • Are disappointed at where you are in your career

  • Are afraid to speak up because you constantly doubt yourself

  • Are frustrated at being overlooked, see others getting on knowing you can do the job better

  • Have struggled with confidence for years and want to get over this so you can achieve what you know is possible

  • Are tired of missing out on opportunities because self-doubt creeps in and talks you out of it

  • Have had enough of playing small, working hard but not getting recognised

  • Are afraid to take action because of the judgement of others

  • Have had enough of being a people pleaser and saying ‘yes’ to everything

  • Are tired of wasting your days doing work that doesn’t fulfil you

  • Are being held back from growing and progressing because you can’t speak up and showcase your abilities in interviews/meetings/conversations

  • Desire to make a change and need accountability and support to take action

  • Need to break your internal negative dialogue that’s holding you back from everything!

Aside from personal growth, the social aspect of group coaching is so positive, supportive and great fun.

Group coaching:

  • Promotes strategic thinking

  • Builds proficiency in reflection, reframing, questioning, problem-solving, planning, and time management
  • Increases your presentation and communication skills

  • Provides alternative views to your thinking

  • Allows shared wisdom

  • Provides fixed timings that are easier to manage and plan around

  • Keeps you accountable

  • More affordable than 1:1 coaching.


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What my clients say:

“I cannot speak highly enough about the Nicola’s group coaching programme. Nicola is a fantastic facilitator and listener who immediately brought a diverse group of independent, fabulous, strong women together to really think about their future direction and raise their self-awareness. The format was fun but structured and was a fantastic way of building a network of like-minded women all looking for some help and support to ‘find their way’, whatever that may be. Try it, you won’t regret it!”

Senior Manager, Bank of Ireland, Markets & Treasury Dublin

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Are you frustrated when you recognise individuals within your organisation with real talent but they lack the self-belief to take action and achieve greater career success?

I have particular expertise in working with females and under-represented groups who have the ability to achieve so much more yet their low confidence levels hold them back from taking action.

I deliver both bespoke and my own career development programmes to corporate groups, drawing upon my knowledge in the areas of:

  • growing self-belief and confidence

  • motivation, resilience and self-compassion

  • tackling imposter syndrome

  • self-promotion

  • defining values, boundaries and strengths

  • societal norms and conditioning

  • executive presence

I am also part of a number of collaborative programmes with other coaches that cover:

  • Health, nutrition and sleep

  • Image and style for your Personal Brand

  • Confidence for your Personal Brand

  • Gender Equality and Unconscious Bias

  • Allyship

  • Working with the female cycle

  • Amplifying Women’s Voices

  • Influencing & Negotiating

  • Emotional Intelligence & Empathetic Leadership

My skillset and experience will guide and inspire your key people to achieve more of their personal and professional goals and in turn result in your business growth.

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What my clients say:

“Nicola is an exceptional coach and facilitator who is present, welcoming, and encompasses a natural warmth in her delivery. She is extremely approachable, helpful and champions success, motivation and inspiration to all course participants. Nicola is a first-class cheerleader who inspires you to take time to reflect and get uncomfortable on your journey to success!”

Aine Crilly , CEO, The HR Elephant

Speaking & Workshops

Speaking & Workshops

I love nothing more than the opportunity to inspire and empower an audience to take action. My one-off topic talks, 2 hour masterclasses or half and full-day workshops are all designed to meet your needs.

Popular topics include ‘Resilience’, ‘Self-Compassion’, ‘Unconscious Bias’, ‘Self-Promotion’ and ‘Growing your Confidence and Self-Belief’.

I also MC events, speak on panels and have been a guest speaker on a number of podcasts and webinars.

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What my clients say:

“Nicola conducted a self-belief and confidence session for our Women in Construction group. The incredible participation from the attendees and the engagement in the session was fantastic and that was as a result of Nicola’s wonderful presence. Her enthusiasm and energy was contagious and she truly uplifted and empowered us all. I would highly recommend Nicola and hope she will come back to share more of her knowledge with us again soon.”

Aine McGuinness, Senior Associate, DWF

Organisations I’ve worked with include:

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Book your 15 minute complimentary call.

Let’s have a chat about where you are and how I can help you.

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